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What we do


We support farmers

to regenerate soil, landscapes and communities through Regenerative Agriculture.

While the worldwide profit in agriculture has reached the 1 trillion Dollar mark, the income of farmers has seen a sad decline over the years. Rising costs for animal feed, energy and fertilizer, the distribution of sterile seed, that forces farmers to buy new seed every season amongst other challenges, have forced many small farmers to stop producing food.

It is high time to support the farmers, the backbone of every nation, to be independent from expensive not-farm-available input, thus making their income worthwhile.

Presently we focus on soil fertility as a first step to achieve that independence.

Here is why we are doing this

Practises like slash-and-burn, deforestation, heavy tillage, leaving the soil bare etc. have led to broken water and nutrient cycles, thus depleting the soil and diminishing the productivity of landscapes. The wet dry Savannah climate is brittle: once the ground is left bare, desertification sets in and starts growing like cancer. Today, we are not aware of how productive our landscapes once were. The good news: farm available remedies can regenerate soil and heal broken cycles.

The big challenge for anything new in agriculture is how to support farmers to stick to it. The retention rate of new methods is often as low as 5 %. To ensure that your donations and our efforts are not wasted we do the following:

  • We only train farmers who have asked for training. The operations on our farm are interesting enough to make farmers stop by and ask what we are doing. That is the first point of contact.
  • There are no misleading incentives. We do not make any presents like seeds, materials, use of machines for free etc. to avoid those incentives to act as wrong motivation.
  • We stay. Usually extension workers introduce new ways in agriculture. It is the nature of their job to move on after a while which results in high drop- out rates. We are based in the area we are operating in and we will stay.

It is easy to turn the down-spiral into an upward cycle!

Let’s be proactive together, against further land depletion and desertification!

Let’s start to regenerate our soil!

We farm

Practical knowledge is the best.

Therefore, we practise RegenAg on our farmland situated in Jos, Plateau State

On that farm we

  • demonstrate that RegenAg makes farming more profitable
  • attract farmers and make them curious
  • offer hands-on trainings for farmers and students of all ages
  • collect data to help other businesses make data driven decisions
  • learn more about how RegenAg works in different climates and soil
  • learn more about how RegenAg can be implemented in Nigeria, (West) Africa
  • introduce farm tourism
  • create a lovely hang out to regenerate the soul
Installation of an Agro Forestry System (AFS)

Installation of an Agro Forestry System (AFS)

Little trees

In Jos Plateau, we add agroforestry (specially spaced fruit trees and bushes, life fences),  horticultural pollinator strips (to feed and house pollinators & sell flowers) and planned  livestock grazing (to let the chickens drop their droppings directly where we want them) to the ongoing vegetable garden. We will also introduce the “Planting of Rain”.

Jos has repeatedly been the sad hot spot of farmer-herders conflicts. RegenAg has the potential to reconcile the now seemingly opposite needs of farmers and herders, showing that farmers and herders compliment each other. Cattle are the most powerful ‘engine’ to regenerate soil, and planned mob grazing the most powerful tool to increase fodder production. Thus, RegenAg demonstrates that how we manage agriculture determines how our societies evolve.

soil cover decreases soil temperature

Soil cover decreases soil temperature

We raise awareness


  • the noble profession of farming
  • farmers as stewards of the land
  • the necessity of environmental care and regenerating soil
  • a regenerative lifestyle in Nigeria
  • the power of RegenAg to improve communities

Means of achieving these goals:

  • We deliver talks in teaching facilities etc. (schools, universities, youth associations, farmers associations…)
  • We lobby government, decision-makers, and the private sector
  • We organize lifestyle events
  • We offer online tutorials
  • We presently set up RegenAg demonstration farms
  • We partner with other RegenAg activists
  • We offer hands-on training
  • We demonstrate the increase of yield, making higher-income possible, allowing farmers to send children to school, and give them access to medical care
  • We document the decrease of time invested, leaving more time to engage in other resources of income.
soil cover decreases soil temperature

Soil cover decreases soil temperature