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Welcome to the ReGen- Naija Initiative

A Green Movement
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“Wisdom tells us: man is a part of nature. Intelligence tells us: don’t be apart from nature”

What we do

The ReGen-Naija Initiative propagates Regenerative Agriculture in Nigeria to regenerate soil, landscapes and societies.

We do this through knowledge exchange, hands-on training and advocacy.

We do this with teaching institutions, environmental activists, children, farmers, herders, students of all ages, and anyone who wants to know more about how their food is produced and is concerned about their environment.

As varied as Nigeria is, in tradition, tribes, language, culture, climate, vegetation and landscape, all our feet touch soil. It is soil that supports not only our feet, but feeds us, too. It is soil, in connection with plants and water that helps to shape our landscapes into productive, stable and safe environments.

We support farmers

to regenerate soil, landscapes and communities through Regenerative Agriculture.

We farm

as practical knowledge is the best. Therefore, we practise RegenAg on our farmland situated in Jos, Plateau State 

We raise awareness

for the noble profession of farming,
farmers as stewards of the land,
for the necessity of environmental


About us

We are a group of people, passionate about Nigeria.

Nigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”. We want this giant to get up and move the whole continent. Development has not fully started in Africa. We believe that this is rather an asset than a loss. It has given the continent time to witness the mistakes of Western development and has unveiled the “no go” signs on the path.

Since man made climate change is globally amongst the most threatening results of Western development folly, we engage in and propagate Regenerative Agriculture, also known as Carbon Sequestering Agriculture. We want to trigger an upward cycle that will keep regenerating far into the future.

The way we treat our soil and landscapes determines how our society will evolve.

Join us

You want to do your own to regenerate soil and landscapes and change society for the better? Take part or organize a training or talk? Spread awareness for environmental concerns? You want to publish an article on our website? Contribute an experience? You have assets to share?

Sounds like you want to join us and become a member of the movement. It is easy – simply read the Declaration of Alignment, tic the boxes and send your contact details. We will get back to you with a little questionnaire to know more about your ideas and needs and what you want to bring to the table.


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